We are pleased to provide the option of publishing in audiobook format with Stone Age Media Solutions. You will be assisted by a committed project manager during the production and publication phases. Prior to release, you select your narrator and proofread your audio recordings. You can get your audiobook on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon.

Extend your accessibility

Choose one narrator from a pool of skilled candidates. We present at least three distinct audio samples.You have the freedom to cancel if rejecting samples (USD $150 admin fee applies).

Dedicated assistance throughout the production process. Your project manager will give you with all of the necessary information and guidance.

Prior to publication, proof audio recordings and request adjustments if necessary.

Choose between two distribution models: Amazon, Audible, and iTunes exclusive or non-exclusive. Exclusive distribution will return 40% of overall sales, while non-exclusive distribution would return 25%. Depending on your distribution requirements, we can provide 85% or 100% of royalties.

Exclusive distribution includes 25 free Audible promo codes for friends, family, and influencers to download your audiobook.

Audiobook publishing

Audiobooks are the fastest growing sector in publishing, showing approximately 50% yearly growth in North America and the UK. Audiobooks are expanding the book market into the digital space occupied by eBooks. We can take you into any area of the publishing landscape you wish to go!


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