Book Video w/o Voice over

A book video is an interesting approach to grab the curiosity of book lovers on the Internet. They are a wonderful supplement to your marketing strategy and can help your book stand out in the internet marketplace.

You can reach a large audience of online video watchers and attract potential readers by sharing your film on social media platforms and personal websites. Video marketing allows you to engage your audience at a level they cannot ignore.

Our Book Video  without voice over service includes the following features:

  • Creation of a custom-made video book video, approximately 45 to 60 seconds in length
  • Storytelling through text and 2-D graphics and image
  • Distribution of your video to YouTube to enhance exposure and help generate interest in your book
  • Web streaming capability
  • Review of your video for TV and film consideration first by 5 More Minutes. 

You will own all the rights to your book video and will be provided with the final video file to share with readers, friends, and family and include in your marketing materials.

When your video is finished, it will be considered for TV or movie adaptation by 5 More Minutes.

If 5 More Minutes is interested in collaborating with you, they will contact you directly to discuss their plan of action and measure your interest.

If 5 More Minutes does not choose to pursue your idea after analyzing your video, it will be added to our Hollywood Database, where registered entertainment professionals can browse and search for new material to adapt into feature films and television series.

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