Hollywood Treatment

“Think your book would make a great movie or television series? Hollywood Coverage—the industry-standard tool used for identifying viable new material—is a cost-effective way to find out.


A professional reader will work to develop your book’s coverage, a standard format in the movie and TV industry. Your coverage will consist of two main elements:

A thorough synopsis that highlights the main characters and events in your story
A critical analysis that addresses key story points as well as how your book might be best adapted for the screen
Once your coverage is prepared, it will be considered for TV or movie adaption by 5 More Minutes.

If they are not interested in working with you, they will contact you directly to explain their plan of action to gauge your interest.
If after reviewing your screenplay and they decide not to engage on your project, it will be placed into our Hollywood Database where agents, directors, actors and producers will have access to the information. As an alternative to knocking on the doors of Hollywood agents or cold calling production companies, this service gives you legitimate access to entertainment decision-makers.”

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