Print Advertising

Despite the growth of digital marketing tools, advertising in high-profile national periodicals like The New York Times is still an excellent method to make your book known to the globe. After all, this isn’t simply about putting a book on a reputable marketing pedestal. Authors will also promote to a large and loyal following. Still not convinced? You might want to read this article first to understand why you should go print.

Print does, in fact, provide numerous benefits, but launching a print campaign on its own can be difficult, which is why we developed various advertising packages to assist writers in conducting focused and cost-effective print promotions. Browse our services today and you’ll be sure to discover one that meets your needs.

The New York Times Marketing
With this service, you’ll be able to advertise your book in one of the most respected publications in the literary business, The New York Times. Stone Age Media Solutions marketing team will handle all the arrangements. Just sign up for the ad and submit the appropriate payment and ad copy, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ingram Media Marketing
Be seen on the prestigious pages of Ingram’s reputable and established print publications that has reached over thousands of booksellers and librarians.

Gift Guide Advertising – Holiday Picks
Promote your book with ads in the Los Angeles Times and BookPage in one of the busiest seasons for reading – the holiday season.

Publishers Weekly
Reach out to every major publisher worldwide with Publishers Weekly – the bible of the publishing industry. For years, this reputable magazine has been the primary source for book news and reviews, connecting publishers, booksellers, agents, authors and librarians! Advertise in their most notable platforms with this package, or promote with more than just the basics through the two PW packages below.

Reader’s Digest
Want to show credibility and promote your book at the same time? What about placing your ad alongside well-researched articles within Reader’s Digest—the richest and one of the most trusted magazines in the publishing platform.

Reader’s Digest, is a general-interest magazine filled with richly written content for readers around the world. It boasts a circulation of 3 million subscribers and reaches a readership of 18.3 million in 2019.

Reader’s Digest has always kept up to the digital trend in the way it publishes content. Today, anyone with a mobile e-reader can easily enjoy reading articles from one of the world’s most popular magazines. Recognizing the marketing potential, iUniverse is collaborating with Reader’s Digest to offer you a new and innovative promotional service: the RD iPad Edition Marketing Bundle. Digital and interactive media is one of the best ways to engage readers with content. Promoting your book on the RD iPad Edition means more marketing and bookselling possibilities for your title.

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