Hollywood Screenplay

“Your book has all the elements Hollywood wants—an exciting plot, well-developed characters and fresh content—yet there’s still a crucial piece you need in order to be taken seriously by established entertainment executives.

A treatment is a thoroughly developed guide that outlines how a screenwriter would adapt your book into a fully-developed screenplay. As the framework used to transform your work into another medium, Hollywood Treatment is the first step to drafting a screenplay. Not only does it provide the structure for the screenplay, but it also ensures that you and your screenwriter are on the same page regarding the direction your story is taking.

By defining exactly how a screenwriter is going to approach the adaption of your book, you eliminate work for agents, studios and producers. By giving them a shortcut to the essence of your book, you can clearly demonstrate that your book has what it takes to succeed on the silver screen.

Once your Hollywood Treatment is complete, we will submit it to our first-look Hollywood partner, 5 More Minutes, who will review your work as a potential adaptation for film and television.


  • From our network of screenwriters, we’ll match you with the one who best complements your book’s story and genre.
  • Your professional screenwriter will provide a thorough five to ten-page treatment detailing how he or she plans to adapt your book’s manuscript into a film and/or television screenplay.
  • Once your treatment is prepared, it will be considered for TV or movie adaption by our production partner.
  • If they are interested in working with you, they will contact you directly and explain their plan of action to gauge your interest.
  • If after reviewing your treatment and they decided not to engage with your concept, we’ll enter your treatment into our Hollywood Database where movie and television writers, agents, directors and producers have access to the information.
  • The screenwriter waives all rights to the treatment, so you maintain full ownership of your story.”
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